For my collection I chose the theme 'Biomimicry'. I wanted to show the raw materials of nature and the purity of the animals into my designs, by applying her techniques, appearance and structure. Therefore nature was my source of inspiration. I got my inspiration from the shape of the scales of the sharkskin, the paw of the gecko, the Morpho Butterflies, the feathers of the black swan, the skin of the pangolin and the mimic octopus.

With the colors I stayed very close to myself and nature. A selection of the colors I used are: different shades of gray, beige and pink powder shades, and a small input of dark colors such as dark gray and black.

The materials I also kept as natural as possible. I made combinations of certain ancient natural materials such as wool or sinamay with new contemporary materials such as filament of the 3D-printer or aluminum.

- Photography by Rona Lane.